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Algorithms Seminar 2005

Everyone is welcome!

Algorithms Seminars 2005 Program:

Tuesday, August 16th 2005
MC 320 
Naoki Katoh, Kyoto University
Finding a triangular mesh with a constant number of different edges lengths
Wednesday, February 23rd 2005
MC 320 
Ethan Kim, University of Lethbridge, Canada
Space-efficient Evaluation of Hypergeometric Series
Wednesday, February 16th 2005
MC 320 
Sean Kennedy, Computer Science Department, University of Alberta
Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction, A Graph Theoretical Approach
Wednesday, January 26th 2005
MC 320 
Renee Sieber, Department of Geography McGill University
Computing Ontology and Epistemology for Social Change
Wednesday, January 12th 2005
MC 320 
Maria Chudnovsky, Princeton/CMI/IAS
The Structure of Clawfree Graphs

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