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Algorithms Seminar Fall 1999

Everybody is welcome.

The Algorithms Seminar (formerly "Computational Geometry Seminar") usually takes place on Wednesdays, 16h30-17h30, in room 320 of the McConnell building. Occasionally, it may be moved to Fridays 12h00-13h00. 

Past seminars:
Tuesday, January 4th 4:30pm-5:30pm, 1999:  Mark Grundland,  
Generating Aperiodic Tilings Using Quasicrystals 
Wednesday, December 8th 4:30pm-5:30pm, 1999:  David Bremner, University of Washington  
Inner Diagonals of Convex Polytopes 
Friday, November 12th 1pm-2pm, 1999:  Colin Ware, University of New Brunswick  
The Visual Representation of Information Structures: Perceptual Issues  
Friday, November 12th 11am-12pm, 1999:  Joe Marks, MERL--A Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.. 
Building Virtual Worlds With Blocks and Clay  
Friday, October 22nd, 1999:  Thomas Fevens, Deptartment of Computing and Information Science, Queen's University at Kingston. 
Minimum Convex Partition of a Constrained Point Set  
We, October 13th, 1999:  Shin-ichi Tokunaga, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University. 
On A Straight-Line Embedding Problem Of Forests. 
We, October 6th, 1999:  Carmen Cortes, University of Sevilla. Department of Matematica Aplicada I  
Triangulations On Surfaces. 
Sat, September 25, 1999:  7th annual Carleton Algorithmic Theory Symposium (CATS) 
The seventh annual Carleton Algorithmic Theory Symposium will be held on the Campus of Carleton University. All talks will be held in the Herzberg building, Rm 4351. 
We, September 22, 1999:  Dr. Danny Baranes, McGill University. Department of Anatomy and Cell biology.  
Non-Random Patterns of Synaptic Connectivity in Neuronal Networks. 

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