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Algorithms Seminar

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DATE: Wednesday, October 25th
TIME: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
PLACE: McConnell 320
TITLE: Non-Regular Square Bipartite Designs
SPEAKER: Caterina De Simone, Istituto di Analidi dei Sistemi ed Informatica National Council of Research, Rome

A square bipartite design is a pair of square 0-1 matrices A and B satisfying the following matrix equation:
(A^T)B= lambda J + diag (d)
where J is a matrix filled with all ones, lambda is a positive integer, and d is a vector. We give a characterization of a class of non-regular square bipartite designs; our result generalize some earlier results of De Bruijn and Erdos, Lehman, and Gasparyan.
Joint with Grigor Gasparyan and Paolo Nobili.

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