McGill University - School of Computer Science

Algorithms Seminar 2004

Everybody is welcome!

DATE: Wednesday, November 22nd 2004.
TIME: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
PLACE: McConnell 320
TITLE: Colouring Visibility Graphs
SPEAKER: David Wood, School of Computer Science, McGill University

Let P be a set of points in the plane. The visibility graph of P has vertex set P, such that two points v and w are adjacent whenever there is no other point in P on the line segment between v and w. The chromatic number of visibility graphs is the focus of this talk. Firstly, we characterise the 2- and 3-chromatic visibility graphs. It is an open problem whether the chromatic number of a visibility graph is bounded by its clique number. Our main result is a super-polynomial lower bound on the chromatic number in terms of the clique number. This is joint work with Jan Kara and Attila Por.

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