Barbados: "Undercurrent Workshop on Polytopes, Games, and Matroids" 2003

Here are some of the pictures from the Polyhedral Computation Lab's inaugural workshop!

The east coast of Barbados. (Stefano, Andre, Chris, Bohdan, Sonoko)

The whole workshop gang

Stefano, Bohdan, and Chris discussing life.

We decided that life should be enjoyed. we took a submarine tour!

...and saw fishes, many fishes! 140 feet we had enough, despite getting a diploma!

the whole gang at Bellair's Research Institute (drinkers)

the whole gang at Bellair's Research Institute (drinks), including #12

Researchers of Voronoi fruit.

Unsolved problems, or rather empty drinks?

...Yes! real work!

The 1000$ a night beach (100$ hamburgers not included)

Thanks for a great time guys! Thanks Komei, you are the best!

...and those were my last words... I forgot to thank Andre

...and the great cook: Gwen!

Rahul, Jorg, Francois, Bernhard. (I miss the germans!)

Walter, Bernhard, Bohdan, Bernd, Rahul

The McGill gang (heavy drinkers)

...end of proof.