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October 2009
Updated publication page and added Comp-361 course notes.


My name is Alexandre Denault . I am a graduate student currently working on my PhD in Computer Science at McGill University. I currently work in the Software Engeering lab, found on the third floor of the McConnell buidling. I am mostly interested in topics related to Distributed System, Software Engineering, Fault Tolerance and Game Development.


I currently hold two degrees in Computer Science, both of them from McGill University. The first is a Bachelor of Science (with Honors) obtained on June 2003. I continued my studies and on October 2005, received a Master of Science (Dean's Honor List) for my work relating to "Framework Design for Undergraduate Teaching Environment".

While completing both degrees, I also had the opportunity to work as a consultant and an analyst programmer for several I.T. companies, most of them related in some way with the financial market. I've also worked as a teaching assitant and a course lecturer on several occasions.