The Unicorns :: The Band :: Nicholas 'niel' Diamonds

nicholas 'niel' thorburn

AKA nicholas common, nick, niel, diamonds

DOB: 11.27.81

HEIGHT:  6'1/2"
WEIGHT:  145-155 lbs.

fave colour:  blue-grey
eye  colour:  grey-green

fave pencil:  4H

LIKES: helicopters, swingsets, sawdust, cooperation, positive radical
       change, determination, discipline, pop rocks exploding in your

DISLIKES: a negative attitude, US foreign policy, excess waste,
          despair, discipline, fakeness

fave haircut:  The Junior Executive
doesn't undetstand:  Karate, musical notation, sequels, french
social insurance number:  730 824 640
debit card password:  HELLHOLE