Transforming Junk to Joules

We are a social venture aiming to improve the affordability and accessibility of alternative fuel sources for refugees in poverty

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On a yearly basis...

hours collecting firewood
Undercooked meals
Dollars spent
percent of assaults happen while collecting firewood

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What do you have to gain from using our briquettes?

For The Entrepreneur

Provides a sustainable income for refugee women and their families

For The Community

Provides a reliable, affordable, and long-lasting source of heat

For The Environment

Provides a process for recycling biowaste and conserving forestry

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Get to know the brilliant founders of Lumbrick

Judith Li

Judith Li

Founder, CEO

Judith has two years' experience mentoring start-ups. She graduates in April with a Major in International Management and a Minor in Political Science.

Ghalia Abdul-Baki

Ghalia Abdul-baki

Co-Founder, COO

Ghalia will complete her Masters in Civil Engineering this summer, and her thesis is on the production of sustainable concrete material.

Line Jaber

Line Jaber

Co-Founder, CFO

Line co-founded the McGill Syrian Students’ Association and other projects for aiding refugees. She graduates this summer with a Double Major in Marketing and Finance.

Amir Abushanab

Amir Abushanab

Co-Founder, CTO

Amir has the technical know-how and reliable relationships in Middle Eastern refugee camps. He is completing his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and two Minors in Software Engineering and Technological Entrepreneurship.

Sarah Pellerin

Sarah Pellerin

Co-Founder, CIO

Sarah has regional expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa both studying politics and international development centering on the region. She has previous entrepreneurial experience having acted as CCO of a tech startup.

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We’ve been entrusted by these people and orginizations to fulfill our mission