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@ARTICLE{druths:729, author = "Mary Fete and Hans vanBokhoven and Suzanne E. Clements and Frank McKeon and Dennis R. Roop and Maranke I. Koster and Caterina Missero and Laura D. Attardi and Vivian A. Lombillo and Edward Ratovitski and Meena Julapalli and Derek Ruths and Virginia P. Sybert and Elaine C. Siegfried and Alanna F. Bree", title = "Conference Report: International Research Symposium on Ankyloblepharon-Ectodermal Defects-Clift Lip and/or Palate ({AEC}) Syndrome", pages = "1885--1893", journal = "American Journal of Medical Genetics", volume = "149A", number = "9", year = 2009, note = " "}