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Robotics is an active research area that includes activites related to learning, sensing, mechanism design and planning. Robotics research at SOCS includes all of these activites, and it is closely related to robotics research in the adjacent Center for Intelligent Machines as well as related enginnering departments.

Robotics research at McGill is an area of exceptional strength, partly due to the close relationship between SOCS faculty and members from other departments.

Associated Faculty

Prof. Gregory Dudek
Prof. Philippe GIGUERE
Prof. Paul Kry
Prof. Xue Liu
Prof. Joelle Pineau
Prof. Ioannis Rekleitis
Prof. Joseph Vybihal
Prof. Sue Whitesides

Interesting Projects

Some of the ongoing research foci include the development of an underwater swimming robot, an automated wheelchair, non-holonomic path planning and path planning from examples. Details of specific projects can be found under the specific faculty member's home pages and at the pages under the McGill Research Center for Intelligent Machines.