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Computer Games

There is a very active game research group at McGill, composed of the systems-related professors listed below. Go to the GR@M (Games Research at McGill) webpage for more info.

Associated Faculty

Prof. Bettina Kemme
Prof. Jörg Kienzle
Prof. Paul Kry
Prof. Hans Vangheluwe
Prof. Clark Verbrugge
Prof. Joseph Vybihal

Interesting Projects


A core component of the collective game research work at McGill is Mammoth. This massively multiplayer game environment is being developed as part of the research of Professors Kienzle, Verbrugge, Kemme, Precup and Vangheluwe. Mammoth is intended to facilitate research into various aspects of distributed game design; more details can be found at the Mammoth website. If you are interested in working on Mammoth, contact Prof. Kienzle.

To the right you can see a screenshot of the current game, as well as a screenshot of the game world editor.

Game Narratives

Modern computer games, particularly adventure and RPG games, often have strong narrative components. Computer narratives bring unique requirements in terms of representation and expression; they also imply unique problems with respect to ensuring correct behaviour.

This research work focuses on techniques to represent and analyze game narratives. Our current approach is based on a petri net model, and includes a high level language, compiler and interpreter for generating and analyzing interactive fiction and other computer game narratives.

For more information on this project see the page on narratives at the GR@M website or contact Clark Verbrugge.


Minueto is a multi-platform high-performance 2D Graphic API which is easy to learn and use. Minueto also addresses other game programming concerns such as input from Keyboard/Mouse and Sound playback. It has been developed for teaching purposes and is used in COMP-361. We are, however, currently developing an Open/GL based 3D version of Minueto. For more information, see the Minueto pages.