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Software Engineering

The McGill Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) brings together professors and students conducting research in software engineering and related areas. The SERG is headed by Jörg Kienzle, Martin Robillard, and Hans Vangheluwe and is part of the School of Computer Science at McGill University.

We are currently conducting research in the areas of software evolution and maintenance, fault tolerance, domain-specific modelling and modelling and simulation based design, reverse engineering, aspect-oriented software development, program understanding, software modularity, static analysis, and empirical software engineering.

If you are interested in studying software engineering at the undergraduate level, our Software Engineering Program that leads to a B.Sc. in Software Engineering might be just the right choice for you.

Associated Faculty

Prof. Laurie Hendren
Prof. Jörg Kienzle
Prof. Martin Robillard
Prof. Hans Vangheluwe
Prof. Clark Verbrugge
Prof. Joseph Vybihal

Interesting Projects

  • The Mondriaan tool is a free-hand modeling tool that runs on the TabletPC. The tool can be used to explicitly model (domain-)specific design notations (i.e., through meta-modelling) as well as development processes, which then allows for verification of consistency and completeness of models produced by the developers, to perform simulation of behaviour, to generate test-cases, and ultimately to synthesize code. If you are interested in working on Mondriaan, contact Jörg Kienzle or Hans Vangheluwe.



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