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How a Computer Science Degree Prepares you for Medical School

Nursebot Students are sometimes surprised to learn that a wide variety of undergraduate degrees can properly prepare them for applying to medical school. An undergraduate degree in Computer Science is good preparation for many reasons.

Computer Science is used in many aspects of Medicine

Here are just a few interesting areas where Computer Science is important in Medicine, both in research and in clinical settings.

A Computer Science degree teaches you to think logically and work cooperatively

Our Computer Science courses teach you to think logically and to strive to find new and elegant solutions. Many of our courses also include practical work with groups, so you also learn to work cooperatively. These are all skills that help make a good physician.

You will have plenty of room in our program for Medical School prerequisite courses

A BSc degree in Computer Science leaves plenty of room for elective courses if a student needs to complete a few prerequisite courses for Medical School. Most prerequisite Science courses will have already been completed in CEGEP (for Quebec students) or in the Science freshman year (for students entering McGill from outside of Quebec). Our programs also leave open the option of doing a minor in another field, for example, a minor in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, or Social Studies of Medicine. A particularly interesting minor is the new Minor in Interdisciplinary Life Sciences. By combining your studies in Computer Science or Software Engineering with the Minor in Interdisciplinary Life Sciences you can prepare for many possible careers, including applying to Medicine.

Our Computer Science students can get to know their Professors

In Computer Science we have a large number of upper-year courses that are small and where you can get to know your Professors. We also encourage undergraduates to participate in our research. This means that you can forge good contacts with professors who will be able to write you meaningful recommendation letters for your applications to further studies, whether it is for Medical School or for further graduate studies.

A Computer Science degree gives you options

You will have many options at the end of your undergraduate studies. You will be prepared to apply to Medical School, but you will also have the options open of continuing to graduate school or to work in Computer Science and related medical fields.

Profiles of our students who have gone on to medical school or health science related graduate studies

Some of our Computer Science undergraduates go on to medical school or to graduate school in fields related to medicine. Click on the names of the following students to read about their experiences and how their undergraduate studies at McGill helped them realize their dreams.

  • Benjamin Azan
    Winner of the best undergraduate research project in Computer Science, 2005
    BSc (Major Computer Science, Minor Music Technology), McGill
    Student in the Johns Hopkins Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program

  • Moses Mathur
    BSc, Major in Computer Science, McGill
    MSc, Computer Science, McGill
    Medical Student, Jefferson Medical College

  • Julian Wolfson
    BSc (Joint Honours Mathematics and Computer Science), McGill
    PhD candidate, Biostatistics, University of Washington
    (Univ. Web Page)