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How does a Computer Science student apply for Medical School?

The simple answer to this question is that medical schools are interested in all sorts of applicants and they accept applications from a wide variety of students. In fact, they often welcome applications from students in other areas, including Computer Science.

There are many ways to combine your interest in Computer Science with elective courses or minors in the areas of Biological and Life Sciences. Two official program options include adding a minor in Interdisciplinary Life Science to your major, or the new Joint Major in Computer Science and Biology. Check out these pages for more details:

The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada provides a nice summary of the admissions requirements.

Just to demonstrate to you that they aren't looking for any specific majors, here are some extracts from the web pages from five large medical schools in Canada.

McGill University

Extracted from, , December 2012.

"Applicants are encouraged to pursue challenging and diverse topics, to have a natural progression in their course selection, and to maximize their undergraduate curriculum to provide a richer candidacy."

Queen's University

Extracted from the selection factors page, December 2009.

"Program of Studies: The Admissions Committee does not give preference to applicants who have studied in a particular university program. Applicants are encouraged to consider all of the undergraduate programs available to them and to embark on the course of studies in which they have the greatest interest and that would prepare them for an alternate career should they not gain a place in medicine."

University of Toronto

Extracted from, November 2007.

"Is there an undergraduate program of study that is most suitable for admission to medicine?
No. Students with university education in any discipline are encouraged to apply. Medicine requires individuals with strong backgrounds in the social sciences, humanities, physical sciences and life sciences. All programs are treated equally in the evaluation process."

University of British Columbia

Extracted from, October 2006.

"The Faculty of Medicine considers students from a variety of backgrounds; no preference is given to any particular degree program."

McMaster University

Extracted from, December 2009.

Q: Are some courses better to take than others? What courses should I take?
Just as we do not require prerequisite subjects for the program, we do not favour or discount various academic programs. Many of the successful applicants do come from science backgrounds but this may be, in part, due to the fact that they apply to more than one medical school and must do the prerequisites for the others. It is in your best interest, regardless of academic program, to as least gain some exposure to the basic sciences as well as the social sciences and humanities. The aim is to develop a well-rounded education and also to prepare yourself for alternatives to medicine.