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Bruno Dufour


Unlike many other computer science graduates, I started my undergraduate studies as a Biology & Mathematics major. My program included one required computer science class, and this is all I needed to be hooked. I started taking CS classes as electives and soon changed my major. I received my B.Sc. from McGill and decided to pursue graduate studies. I always had a passion for programming languages, and after taking both COMP 520 and COMP 621 as an undergraduate I knew what my career path was. I obtained my M.Sc. from McGill and am currently entering the third year of my Ph.D. at Rutgers University, New Jersey. My research focuses on inventing techniques and tools to help programmers locate defects in software. For example, I am currently working in collaboration with IBM Research on identifying performance bottlenecks in very large programs.

I spent five memorable years studying computer science at McGill during which I received an education that without a doubt still influences my way of working and thinking on a daily basis. The computer science program at McGill is flexible enough to allow students to focus on their area of interest while at the same time being comprehensive and rigorous enough to ensure that they are acquire a solid and diverse background. This is not only essential for anybody who chooses to pursue a research career but also a great asset for those who prefer going to industry. The curriculum is however not the only way that my previous studies have had a strong impact on my life: I have been given the opportunity to interact and learn from passionate faculty members and fellow students who all influenced me in their own, unique way. I made many good friends while I was at McGill, and even though we are now scattered around the globe we regularly keep in touch.

Of course, while I love what I do, I enjoy a number of other activities that have nothing to do with computers. I live close to New York City, and often travel to Manhattan to visit museums, attend live jazz performances or just enjoy a nice meal with my friends. I also hike and swim regularly.