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Nomair A. Naeem

I recently started my PhD at the University of Waterloo after finishing my master's degree at McGill. I am currently working in the field of optimizing compilers and programming languages. I first joined McGill in Fall of 2000 as an undergraduate student(Honors in Computer Science). Having already done two years of undergraduate schooling in my home country, Pakistan, I joined the School of Computer Science as a third year student. My assimilation into the degree was a breeze and the school showed great flexibility in adjusting credits from already taken courses.

As an undergraduate I was mainly interested in databases and cryptography and was even able to take some graduate courses in these fields. I must say being curious about different fields of computer science paid off well for me. In my last semester as an undergrad, while contemplating the crucial decision of joining the industry or starting grad school, I had the good fortune to take COMP 520 (Compiler Design). After this course there was no decision remaining to be made and I joined McGill as a master's student. A generous IT scholarship from the School of Computer Science took care of my funding needs.

During my master's studies I realized that not only do I enjoy academic research I love teaching. Grad school at McGill afforded me with numerous opportunities to interact with students both as a teaching assistant and also a course lecturer for undergraduate computer science courses.

In my spare time I enjoy playing squash and practice my martial arts skills. I have a black belt in Taekwondo and a green belt in Karate. I love to travel and attending conferences as part of my graduate career provides me the best means of travelling at minimum cost.