Computer Scientist NEEDED for Collaboration

Application Period: May 2, 2016 - May 20, 2016

Contact: Neil Osborne at - 905-802-3686

While we feel with our hearts, we think with our brains. So, our perspective on a given issue is defined by how we frame it in our mind. To change the way we act, we need to change the frames through which we see the world. When we successfully reframe the way we communicate environmental issues, we change the way the public views the environment. We change what counts as common sense.
To come up with new frames we need to communicate in new and engaging ways. Creating a new way of relating to the living world is about reframing our values and making our unconscious thinking conscious. The stories we tell everyday and the way we talk about environmental issues really does matter.
This project aims to evaluate environmental messaging on a global scale using computer coding that extracts specific terms from specific websites that meet defined criteria. 
Neil Osborne at for a chat about this interesting project.