Academic Associate

Application Period: Nov. 19, 2015 - Nov. 26, 2015


Primary Responsibilities

1. Write grant proposals for:
- Infrastructure funding
- Research funding
 -Access to advanced research computing (ARC) systems, storage and
-software solutions
2. Write technical reports for industry partners, updating them on the status
of various projects in the lab.
3. Assist both students and faculty in the writing of technical papers for
4. Write requests for ethics approval in inter-disciplinary research areas.
5. Maintain lab equipment


1. Detailed knowledge in:
(a) Java, C, Python
(b) Linux (Ubuntu), Windows
(c) Latex (beamer)
(d) MS oce, open oce
2. A strong background in machine learning, as well as probability, statistics,
linear algebra, and vector calculus.
3. Basic understanding of computer hardware.
4. Bilingual (English, French)
5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


 BSc in computer science (honours preferred). Minors in math or physics
an asset.
 MSc in computer science with a focus on machine learning.


Start Date: January 1, 2016

Duration: 1 year

Salary: $23.00 p/hr


To apply please send your cover letter and CV to sheryl AT cs DOT mcgill DOT ca