Volunteer Research Assistant - Developing software for predicting protein-protein interaction

Application Period: Sept. 1, 2015 - Dec. 31, 2015

Contact: Robert Murgita (robert.murgita@mcgill.ca)


Hiring a research assistant with a strong background in computer programming and bioinformatics who will assist in the development of a software platform for predicting protein-protein interactions (PPIs). Please read the attached review paper for more information.

Therefore, some knowledge of the biological or biochemical sciences is necessary. Candidates familiar with artificial intelligence and machine learning will be preferred. Successful applicants will also possess strong interpersonal and written skills.


In U2 or U3 and pursuing a BSc in Bioinformatics OR Computer Science and Biology. Candidates with other degrees registered for a combination of high level computer science courses and some biology/biochemistry courses are also acceptable. Strong programming skills beyond COMP 202 is required such as COMP 250/251 or equivalent courses. Familiarity with both Linux and Microsoft windows operating systems is an asset.