Help build a "swapped reality": Volunteers needed for psychological experiment

Application Period: July 9, 2015 - July 31, 2015

We are looking for volunteers to help build a "swapped reality" system for psychological experimentation. In this setup, two individuals will receive reciprocal visuospatial information by wearing camera-equipped virtual reality headsets (see the following 3 minutes video for an example:, allowing two individuals to take the perspective of the other… literally. The full setup will require the use of Raspberry Pi, GoPro cameras, virtual reality headsets (Oculus DK2), and programming languages (e.g., Python). Experience with one or more of these technologies is essential. This project is taking place in Professor Amir Raz’s Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory.

 Short-term objectives include:

1)            Stream two GoPro video signals to the Raspberry Pi;

2)            Apply a resolution reduction for stereo rendering (to fit the Oculus screen) and distortion/chromatic corrections (e.g., with Python and OpenCV)

3)            Project this video feed onto the Oculus

 Long-term objectives may include several hacks such as making everything as wireless as possible, servo-motors controlled by head movements, various video tweaks, software and hardware variations, internal eye-tracking, etc.

Start date: Immediately or as soon as possible

Benefits: The student will gain practical research experience according to the area of contribution as well as visibility thanks to the project’s reach. In addition, assuming a significant contribution, authorship will be considered for a summer research poster (ARIA poster submission deadline: August 8) or for the scientific publication(s) to come. It may also be possible to use this project as a research thesis.