NewSphere is now recruiting developers to build a mobile/website application at McGill.

Application Period: Sept. 22, 2014 - Oct. 3, 2014

Contact: Please contact us for further information:

What is the problem?

Students are limited to one-dimensional thinking.

What is the solution?

To create a platform that encourages inter-faculty collaboration and enhances interaction with professors as primary academic resources.

What is NewSphere?

NewSphere is an application that will act as an intermediary channel to connect all faculties and departments. It will incorporate information pertinent to each department, and will allow students from any faculty to access that information. It will act as a forum to create discussion that will analyze issues from different perspectives.

What is the objective?

To create a cross-disciplinary network that enhances student’s critical thinking skills.

Who will use the application?

Students and professors.

Who do we need for this job?

Developers/UX people

What skill-set are we looking for?

Detail-oriented students who are creative, understand mobile app/website development who can work in teams.