Seismo Tech: Recruiting Developers

Application Period: May 22, 2015 - June 19, 2015

Contact: Please send your CV to

Company:  SeismoTech is an engineering startup that creates software to assess earthquake vulnerability in buildings. Our product significantly improves upon current industry best practices, putting us at the forefront of vibration sensing techniques which are revolutionizing the engineering industry. We aim to significantly disrupt the seismic assessment market, and play a major role in the future of earthquake engineering.

Description: Seeking a talented software developer and/or web developer to create a GUI for a structural engineering algorithm. Algorithm needs to be ported from MatLab to a stand-alone language (C++, C#, Python, etc.). Background in engineering would be an asset. Sweet bow and arrow skills also an asset.

Role and Compensation: SeismoTech is one of 5 startups (out of over 100 applicant companies) that has been chosen for McGill’s X-1 Accelerator. Teams in the X-1 Accelerator take part in an intensive summer program to develop a viable business, able to service the global marketplace. We work full(me in a space at the school, with access to professional mentors, visi(ng entrepreneurs and experts from software startups, marketing and law firms, and much more. Also, you may have access to execu(ves in companies like Google and Microsoft. Successful candidates will receive a stipend, become a full member of the team, and have the potential to become a permanent team member in a fledgling startup ready to take on the world.

Committment: The commitment would be full-time starting immediately and ending in early September. Though the financial compensation isn’t commensurate with the work you’ll put in, the opportunity to become a part of our startup and participate in an exclusive program like McGill X-1 will provide you with a unique set of skills now, and, should you choose, a bright future as an entrepreneur with our company or in your own endeavours.