Looking for Simulations programmer at McGill

Application Period: May 12, 2015 - May 31, 2015

Contact: spllab.mcgill@gmail.com

An auditory cognitive neuroscience lab in Psychology (www.mcgill.ca/spl)
wishes to hire a CS/ENG student (undergrad or grad) to join the
research team in a part-time position, beginning summer 2015.
Matlab programming experience with Simulink is a must. Can anticipate 5 -
10 hours per week at $15/hr. Flexible start date and hours.

Primary Duties include:
- creating and comparing model simulations with lab measurements,
using R or Simulink (matlab). Other languages will be considered if
student has the appropriate expertise.
- meet with and provide technical advice to small research teams

- solid communications skills;
- demonstrated matlab coding experience with Simulink; and
- a current McGill student.

Please send the following to spllab.mcgill@gmail.com:

a) Name/Year in Program (e.g. U2/Masters1/)
b) CV that outlines relevant work experience (including research projects)
c) schedule of summer availability (9am-5pm weekdays)

Professor Caroline Palmer
Canada Research Chair
Dept of Psychology