Casual Student Research Assistant

Application Period: March 2, 2015 - March 14, 2015


Canon EF SPI communication engineer Duties: Canon Electro-Focus (EF) lenses are controlled by a camera body through a Serial Parallel Interface (SPI). While Canon does not provide documentation of the protocol, there exist numerous web pages with information on commands and communication rates. From this, we have built a system that can control focus and aperture with an Ardunino Uno. This system only works with our 28 mm prime lenses, which use a slow communication speed. We would like to control an 85 mm lens that uses a faster communication speed. This lens may also need different commands sent during its initialization at power up. This job involves updating the current system so that it works with a wider set of lenses. This will involve using a faster device (Arduino Due or Raspberry Pi) and bi-directional logic level converters (the lenses use TTL levels while the faster boards are CMOS), and the development of software that can communicate at both low and high speeds. It may also be necessary to capture communication between the camera body and lens to identify important command sequences. Qualifications/ Skills Required: Experience with soldering and wiring circuits, and digital IO or serial communication on Arduino or Raspberry Pi boards is desirable. Start date: March 15, 2015 End date : April 30, 2015 Salary: $20 per hour Part time: 5.5 hours per week. To apply: Please send your c.v to