Web Design Consultant

Application Period: Feb. 12, 2015 - Feb. 25, 2015

Contact: Send your CV to emc.mcgill@gmail.com and clearly indicate the reference number.

Term Position

  • Position Title: Web Design Consultant (MT7475, IST1E, GR3)
  • Faculty/Unit: Faculty of Medicine, Department of Human Genetics
  • Reporting to: Program Director
  • Hours: 33.75
  • Salary Range: $44,000 - $55,100 (midpoint) - $66,200
  • Duration: 1 year (with possibility of extension)
  • Reference Number: MT7475

Job Summary (for temporary assignments) www.mcgill.ca/hr/app/role-profiles-clerical OR Position Context (for developmental and term) www.mcgill.ca/hr/app/role-profiles-management :

The McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre is a world-class research facility for genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics that offers reliable services to the scientific community.The Web Design Consultant will engage in the development of a number of web applications including the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC) Data Portal, in the field of epigenomics (http://epigenomesportal.ca/ihec/). Under the supervision of the Program Director of the Bioinformatics Unit, the Web Design Consultant will implement new client and server-side features and improve the look and feel of a number of web applications, extending the tools and technologies already in place with JavaScript, jQuery, D3, HTML and CSS. Development cycle will be similar to the agile methodology, with small but frequent releases, involving constant interactions with team members from the bioinformatics platform.

Primary Responsibilities OR Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the design process with other team members on design styles and approaches for all projects, and help them to envision the final, implemented solution.
  • Transform ideas, concepts and mockups into high-quality interactive working prototypes using Javascript, HTML, and CSS that will be beta tested by IHEC members for debugging and improvements.
  • Iteratively write new code to incorporate new concepts and test new designs.
  • Focus on user experience, intuitive interfaces and interaction layers to create user-friendly web pages and applications.
  • Ensure design details are implemented correctly using best coding practices, including proper code commenting.
  • Design, build, test, deploy, monitor and maintain front-end components.
  • Make proper use of a revision control system such as Bit Bucket with Git.
  • Setup and maintain automation tools for testing, continuous integration & delivery such as Selenium and Jenkins.
  • Setup and maintain monitoring solutions to keep good web applications up time.
  • Contribute in the technological researches and the prototyping.
  • Optimize code when needed while making use of good software practices.
  • Provide design maintenance of the IHEC Data Portal and additional websites offered by the Centre, and ensure proper electronic documentation.
  • Make use of an issue tracking system such as Atlassian JIRA to document tasks, issues and bugs, and the resolution status of these.
  • Ensure that all finished solutions work within a variety of browser types and screen settings along with the constraints set by development and design.
  • Maintain and provide support on Intranet site.
  • Ensure that all Internet standards are met and that the company does not intentionally violate any standards or licenses that would place our domain in jeopardy.

Education/Experience: (from generic) DEC III (Computer Science or related field) Three (3) years' related experience

Other Qualifying Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Attention to detail, good organizational skills and ability to work in a highly interactive group.
  • Demonstrated sound intuition in making efficient and simple-to-use browser-based interfaces.
  • Demonstrated experience in writing applications using JavaScript.
  • Knowledge and experience in using the following technologies/formats is a strong asset: jQuery, D3, Perl, Python, JSON, CSS and relational databases.
  • Interest in the field of genetics and bioinformatics would be an asset.
  • English and French (spoken and written).
  • Possessing a web application portfolio would be an asset.