Casual Student IT Support Assistant

Application Period: Jan. 7, 2015 - Jan. 16, 2015


Casual Student IT Support Assistant

Duties will include:

- troubleshooting/replacing computer hardware issues;

- helping maintain computer labs (clean surfaces, tidy computer wiring, etc.);

- recycling computer hardware for reuse;

- racking/wiring servers and help in server room maintenance;

- meeting with academic staff at the start of each semester;

- data entry for our website (publications/tech reports/semester course lectures);

- update web content (prof/student profiles/school news);

- provide email and help desk support; and possible

- coding projects.



- good attitude and solid communications skills to provide support to our users;

- demonstrated drive and willingness to learn new skills;

- strong written skills in English;

- a McGill student.


Ideal candidate has experience in/with:

- linux - gnome environments;

- java programming and troubleshooting;

- installing software/drivers/printers in multiple computing environments;

- computing documentation;

- general troubleshooting;

- emphasis on graphics and web development skills.


If interested in applying, please send the following to


a) Name/Student ID/Year (e.g. u0/u1/u2/u3);

b) Application session (e.g. Winter/Summer/Fall/All);

c) List 3 non-computer related skills;

d) List 5 computer-related skills;

e) Paragraph on why we should hire you over other applicants;

f) Detail any work-related experience; and finally

g) List 3 new interests that you have developed in the last 6 months.


Hours: 10-15 hrs per week

Salary: $18/hr

Start Date: Jan. 14, 2015

End Date: Mar. 31, 2015