Recruiting Master's Student in Machine Learning and Cybersecurity + Internship Opportunity in Government

Application Period: March 18, 2019 - April 20, 2019

Contact: ben.fung (at)

Supervisor: Benjamin Fung
The McGill Data Mining and Security Lab has developed an AI-powered assembly code management and analysis platform called Kam1n0 <>. Kam1n0 is a state-of-the-art binary analysis platform for both benignware and malware. 
The successful applicant has to first understand the architecture and inner workings of Kam1n0, and customize it to meet the needs of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security in Ottawa ( S/he will have the opportunity to work with the top cybersecurity professionals in Ottawa as a paid intern for two semesters. Full salary will be provided during the internship. The applicant is expected to extend their accomplishment during the internship to a Master's thesis.
- Must be a Canadian or a permanent resident
- Master's student in CS or ECE who have already completed their course requirements.
- Self-motivated and trainable
- Proficient in Java
- Good writing skills
- Knowledge of assembly code analytics, machine learning, and NoSQL would be an asset.
Tentative schedule:
- Now: Get familiar with Kam1n0
- Summer & Fall 2019: Internship in Ottawa
- Winter & Summer 2020: Publication and Master's thesis 
Application procedure:
E-mail your CV, cover letter, McGill transcripts, and evidence of strong programming (e.g., GitHub link) to ben.fung (at) before April 15, 2019.