Casual Research Assistant

Application Period: Dec. 13, 2018 - Dec. 19, 2018

Contact: sheryl AT cs DOT mcgill DOT ca

Start date: ASAP

End date: January 5 2019

Salary: $37.5/hour, for 40 hours/week

Job description: Bioinformatics and statistical analysis of 3D genomics data. Software and algorithmic development. Biological data analysis.


Qualifications: Masters in Computer Science or Statistics Required skills:

- Strong R programming skills

- Excellent data analysis and statistics capabilities

- Experience with the analysis of genomics data, in particular epigenomics and 3D genomics data



- Develop an R program to study the co-occurrence of bound transcription factors at the corresponding ends of topologically associating domains.

- Apply the developed program to actual human data and interpret the results

- Produce report summarizing results

- Hand over working and documented R program