Web Database Developer - (Python, Django)

Application Period: May 17, 2018 - April 30, 2019

Contact: stephen.mcadams@mcgill.ca

The interdisciplinary Orchestration and Perception Project at the Schulich School of Music has begun development of a queryable database that will ultimately be used for data mining and machine learning applications to understand how musical orchestration works. The current system uses annotations of musical scores by music analysts who search for principles related to perception in the scores and in commercial recordings of symphony orchestras. The sections of a piece
that correspond to a particular orchestral effect are then entered into the Orchestration Analysis and Research Database (Orchard). The aim is to provide a tool for music researchers to find instrument combinations that blend well together or that are clearly separated perceptually from one another, as well as ways that the orchestration of instruments create musical structures. We are looking for a developer to help us refine and extend the system from its current focus on annotations to the inclusion of full scores in musicXML format so that queries can also be based on information in the scores. The formalization of orchestration techniques then contributes to the development of a computer-aided orchestration environment being developed by our collaborators in Paris, France.

- Knowledge of a high-level programming language (Python would be
best) - Object Oriented Programming
- Unix/Linux familiarity, Shell scripting
- Basic understanding of web applications and internet protocol
- Basic understanding databases and SQL
- Basic understanding of frontend web design (HTML, CSS, any
Javascript framework)

- Django web framework, Django REST Framework
- Database design and maintenance
- Apache Solr
- Graph Database experience (eg. Neo4j)
- Experience with Data Visualization tools (e.g. D3)

30 hours/week over the summer, 10-15 hours/week in Fall and Winter semesters.
Pay rate: $20/hour
Contact: Prof. Stephen McAdams, stephen.mcadams@mcgill.ca