Department of Geography looking for Research Assistant (Full-time)

Application Period: Feb. 27, 2018 - March 12, 2018

Contact: Dr. Tim Elrick by e-mail (

More Information (Download)

Position Title: Regular Research Assistant

Hiring Unit: Geographic Information Centre (GIC), Department of Geography

Supervisor: Dr. Tim Elrick

Work Location: 

Burnside Hall, Geographic Information Centre (GIC)

Hours/Week & Schedule:
35 hrs/week, flexible schedule according to tasks

Hourly Wage: $ 27.32 (plus benefits)

Planned Start Date & End Date:

April 1st, 2018 to March 31st, 2019

Date of Posting: February 27th, 201 (post for 5 working days minimum)

Deadline to Apply: Reviewing of applications will start March 12th, 2018


•   to support the GIC director in geospatial data research on big (spatial) data
•   to actively participate in research projects conducted by the GIC
•   building geospatial databases on a Linux OS for those research projects
•   building WebGIS/WebMap applications in research projects
•   design and/or instruct user oriented workshops or tutorials (half day and three day long) on GIS and geospatial data science (and if desired on RS) 
•   to maintain and develop communication channels for the GIC and its research projects (website, Twitter account, ...)
•   to assist in the organization of GIS Day, and other events organized by the GIC
•   together with other GIC staff, provide support and advice to meet the needs of undergraduate, graduate and faculty users of the GIC


 - master degree
-  substantive knowledge in a programming language including R, JavaScript and (PostGre)SQL  knowledge of how to handle big data including ElasticSearch or Hadoop
 - knowledge of maintaining a Linux server including data security
 - advanced knowledge of geospatial data methods including R and ArcGIS or QGIS
 - knowledge of how to work with confidential digital data


•   display high degree of emotional and social intelligence to frequently interact with students and other researchers
•   sound communication skills
•   ability to work in a team with different skill levels
•   willingness and ability to learn skills required to fulfil the duties, if not mentioned in the requirements above


Please submit your application to: Dr. Tim Elrick by e-mail (