Part Time Research Associate

Application Period: Feb. 12, 2018 - Feb. 19, 2018

Contact: sheryl AT cs DOT mcgill DOT ca

Start Date:       February 23, 2108

End Date:         February 22, 2019

Supervisor:      Professor Brigitte Pientka

Hours / Week: 13 hours per week.

Schedule:         TBD with the supervisor

Location:          TBD with the supervisor

Salary:              $24.19 per hour


The Research Associate will assist Professor Pientka in managing the Beluga Project:

-Scheduling of research seminars, mini-hackathons, workshops, and reading group for the Beluga team;

-Coordinate regular meetings, including workshops, seminar series, and organize visiting speakers.

- Maintaining the complogic website where research seminars are announced

- Updating and Maintaining the Beluga website including the online tutorial

- Assist students, partners and professors in producing required deliverables (including proof reading of drafts; preparing additional material such as visual aids for publications)

-Writing of grant proposals directly related to safe reliable software systems;

-Development of strategies by which university research results, opportunities and challenges (identified in the process above) can be used to build liaisons with the industrial partners.

-Requires tracking of research progress against milestones, with respect to degree of progress and outstanding remaining challenges.

-Help identify new scientific collaborations and partnership opportunities;

- Oversee the development of Beluga on github

- Development of a general testing framework for Beluga’s interactive mode in collaboration with graduate and undergraduate students

- Lead the software maintenance and bug tracking of Beluga on github



- PhD in a scientific field (formal methods/software engineering)

- Strong mathematical background in formal methods (for example Petri Nets, graph rewriting), familiarity with formal validation and verification techniques)

- Experience in writing, editing, and proofreading scientific documents (proposals, articles, reports);

- Ability to collect and synthesize scientific content;

- Strong interpersonal skills

- Working knowledge of Mac and PC systems, Latex and Microsoft Office;

- Working knowledge of software development (ideally using functional programming)

- Working knowledge of version control systems such as Git

- Excellent professional writing skills are required

- Familiarity with Latex required; Fluency with computer technologies including document sharing applications and mathematical typesetting required ; Experience working with students is desirable


To apply: Please forward your cover letter and CV to sheryl AT cs DOT mcgill DOT ca no later than Feb 19, 2018