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Application Period: Jan. 24, 2018 - Feb. 28, 2018

McGill University has a site license for Mathematica, which is available to faculty, staff and students. If you or your students need help downloading it for upcoming work this semester, let me know and I'll help get you details.

Many of your students will likely use Mathematica for their  spring courses even if it's not listed as a requirement. So would 
you forward the links below to all of your students? These training resources will help them get up to speed with Mathematica and learn how to apply it to their coursework. The  first group of resources is great for beginners while the second group is ideal for those who have used Mathematica in one or two  classes already. Mathematica should be installed prior to either training.

Hands-on Start to Wolfram Mathematica

This tutorial helps students get started with Mathematica.  Students will learn how to create their first notebook, run 
calculations, generate visualizations, create models to explore  examples from class, analyze data and more.
* Free online course with live Q&A:
* 2nd edition book available in paperback or Kindle form:
* Free on-demand training video to watch any time:

An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language
This book helps students learn the Wolfram Language, the language of Mathematica, to use it for their own projects.
* Free interactive course:
* 2nd edition book available online and in paperback or Kindle form: