Your Code, to the World in 20 days!

Application Period: Jan. 23, 2018 - Jan. 27, 2018


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About the Company:

“Your Code, to the World in 20 days!”

SelfEmotion Inc is a US based tech startup founded by two MBA students from McGill University. The company aims to develop a range of products offering mental health solutions using AI, Psychometrics and Gamification. With industry leaders like IBM and Execution Labs as partners, SelfEmotion Inc is rapidly gaining traction since inception.

What you’ll be doing:

●  Successful candidates will be championing one of four projects of the company based on skill, interest and fit

●  Jointly develop assigned project in collaboration with IBM

●  Present your project in a networking event in the presence of industry professionals from Google, IBM, Facebook, and the Founder Institute

Who should apply:

●  Anyone with a keen interest, and skill in web development (HTML, CSS, JS)

●  If you are a frontend, backend or full stack developer (multiple roles open)

●  Foster a deep love for any of the following frameworks ( React, Angular, Vue, Rails )

●  Knowledge of industry standard tools ( git, webpack, SASS etc.)

●  You want to work on a short but high impact project

●  Seeking opportunity to present in front of major tech companies

Selection Process:

●  Students submit resume to by January 26th

●  Shortlisted students will be called for an in-person interview on January 26th

●  Interviews will be held at McGill Dobson Center for Entrepreneurship coworking space

●  Video conferencing option will be available for students unable to attend in person

●  Interview will be a combination of technical and behavioural questions

●  Successful students will be contacted by the close of business hours on January 26th