Startup looking for talent individuals for year long project

Application Period: Sept. 25, 2017 - Oct. 20, 2017

Contact: Please send your CV to Dr. Jeanne Louise Shih at

A young startup is looking for an individual to work on a year long project (full time and /or part time), effective immediately. The project allows you access to D-WAVE Systems' 2000Q services for the full year term within the context of the project.
The individual is proficient in Python and Tensorflow, therefore ideally has a background in Machine Learning, Quantum Physics and has knowledge of Quantum Annealing. The individual is a creative problem solver and would know how to extend short term vision into long term views.
This is a paid position with the possibility of joining the company should interests be aligned.
For interested parties, please send your CV to Dr. Jeanne Louise Shih at Please specify if you may be available full time or part time.