COMP 652 Course Lecturer (50%)

Application Period: Aug. 15, 2017 - Aug. 18, 2017


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Course: COMP 652 Machine Learning

Location: Downtown Campus

Schedule MW

Term: Fall 2017

Note: This is only a 50% position. The course will be co-taught with
another lecturer.

Les candidatures pour cette charge de cours seront reçues jusqu’au 18/08/2017 Applications for this course will be accepted until 18/08/2017


Education: Ph.D. in Computer Science *

Experience: Expertise in content area of the course. Previous experience as an instructor or teaching assistant at the university-level Evidence of teaching excellence, e.g. McGill COMP Course Evaluations (as Instructor or Assistant). Ph.D. candidates applying must state qualifications and teaching experience.

Other: Excellent English and communication skills. The candidate is required to have a PhD with research specialization in machine learning. A good track record of publications in top-tier conferences is required, as the course covers cutting-edge research topics. A very strong mathematical background is required.

To apply: Please forward your CV along with the union application form to tricia . bernier @ mcgill . ca

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