Course Lecturer COMP 417

Application Period: Dec. 1, 2016 - Dec. 5, 2016

Contact: Sheryl Morrissey -

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Course: COMP 417 - Introduction Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Location: Downtown Campus

Semester: Winter 2017

Time: TBD

Prerequisites: Ph. D in Computer Science

Experience: Expertise in content area of the course. Previous experience as an instructor or teaching assistant at the university-level. Evidence of teaching excellence, e.g. McGill COMP Course Evaluations (as Instructor or Assistant). Ph.D. candidates applying must state qualifications and teaching experience.

Other: Excellent English and communication skills. Experience implementing robotic planning algorithms such as Rapidly Exploring Random Trees, planning over homotopy classes and visibility-graph methods. A strong knowledge of visual navigation methods including: pose graph optimization, robust feature matching, integration of stereo cameras with inertial measurement sensing. Practical knowledge of state of the art methods in this domain. Pursuit evasion algorithms including analysis of computational complexity, approximation techniques, game- theoretic representations. Experience implementing robotic control algorithms on modern systems such as quadrotors, underwater vehicles and wheeled robots outdoors


TO APPLY: Please forward your CV along with the union application form to sheryl @ CS . mcgill . ca