Course Lecturer COMP 535

Application Period: Nov. 29, 2016 - Dec. 2, 2016

Contact: Sheryl Morrissey -

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Course: COMP 535 - Computer Networks

Location: Downtown Campus

Semester: Winter 2017

Time: MW - TBD

Prerequisites: Ph. D in Computer Science

Experience: Expertise in content area of the course. Previous experience as an instructor or teaching assistant at the university-level Evidence of teaching excellence, e.g. McGill COMP Course Evaluations (as Instructor or Assistant). Ph.D. candidates applying must state qualifications and teaching experience.

Other: Excellent English and communication skills. . Familiar computer networks, operating systems, algorithms, and computer programming. Understand the fundamental principles, elements, and protocols of computer networks. Able to explain the operation of a range computer networking applications. Understand and able to explain the architecture of the Internet and design principles. Able to teach (but not limited to) routing protocols, queuing mechanisms, and congestion control mechanisms; how routers and switches work, and the modeling and performance analysis and networks. How Encoding , Error Detection, Framing, Media Access Control, Reliable Transmission, Switching and Forwarding, Bridges, QoS works.

TO APPLY: Please forward your CV along with the union application form to sheryl @ CS . mcgill . ca