Research Associate

Application Period: Oct. 7, 2016 - Oct. 15, 2016


Qualification: Graduate degree (PhD)

Duration: 1 year

Salary: 52k/year + benefit


Working in the Faculty of Science, in the School of Computer Science, contributes to the development and application of computational frameworks to analyze genomes. Contributes to designing and implementing citizen science platforms for Biology. Writes educational content for citizen science applications. Applies computational methods and software to analyze and annotate genomes. Coordinates integration of multiple projects and software developed in the research group. Organizes research meetings. Research, write articles and research reports, perform edits and verify facts. Edit or assist in proofreading material.

Writes blog posts relating to the progress of projects by explaining motivation, progresses,objectives and new endeavors. Supervises undergraduate internships. Designs, organizes case studies. May translate material into English or other languages.

To Apply: Please forward you CV to