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Ted Perkins


Email: tperkins AT ohri DOT ca
Home Page:
Office: Ottawa Health Research Institute
Phone: +1-514-
Fax: +1-514-398-3387
Ottawa Health Research Institute
Box 511, The Ottawa Hospital General Campus
501 Smyth Road
Ottawa, ON
K1H 8L6

Phone: 613-737-8899, x 79795

Research Description

Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Mathematical Biology, Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems

Research Interests

Research Labs


Selected Publications (click link in front of each publication to see bibtex in ASCII format)

[1] Perkins, T. J. The gap gene system of drosophila melanogaster: Model-fitting and validation. In Stolovitzky, G., and Califano, A., editors, Reverse Engineering Biological Networks: Opportunities and Challenges in Computational Methods for Pathway Inference / Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2007, v. 1115, pp. 116-131. Blackwell Publishing, Boston, Massachusetts.
[ http ]
[2] Libby, E., Perkins, T. J., and Swain, P. S. Noisy information processing through transcriptional regulation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2007, v. 104, n. 17, pp. 7151-7156.
[ http ]
[3] Perkins, T. J., Jaeger, J., Reinitz, J., and Glass, L. Reverse engineering the gap gene system of drosophila melanogaster. PLoS Computational Biology, 2006, v. 2, n. 5, p. e51.
[ http ]
[4] Rosenfeld, N., Perkins, T. J., Alon, U., Elowitz, M. B., and Swain, P. S. A fluctuation method to quantify in vivo fluorescence data. Biophysical Journal, 2006, v. 91, n. 2, pp. 759-66.
[ http ]
[5] Perkins, T. J., Hallett, M., and Glass, L. Dynamical properties of model gene networks and implications for the inverse problem. BioSystems, 2006, v. 84, n. 2, pp. 115-123.
[ http ]

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