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Mark Wilde


Email: m w i l d e (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m
Home Page:
Office: McConnell 104N
Phone: +1-514-398-7071 #00115
Fax: +1-514-398-3883

Research Description

My research is in quantum error correction and quantum Shannon theory. I have also contributed to the foundations of quantum mechanics in the context of closed timelike curves and the burgeoning field of quantum biology.

Research Interests

Research Labs


Selected Publications (click link in front of each publication to see bibtex in ASCII format)

[1] Hsieh, M.-H., and Wilde, M. M. Entanglement-assisted communication of classical and quantum information. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, September 2010, v. 56, n. 9, pp. 4682-4704.
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[2] Hsieh, M.-H., and Wilde, M. M. Trading classical communication, quantum communication, and entanglement in quantum shannon theory. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, September 2010, v. 56, n. 9, pp. 4705-4730.
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[3] Wilde, M. M., and Brun, T. A. Entanglement-assisted quantum convolutional coding. Physical Review A, April 2010, v. 81, p. 042333.
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[4] Bradler, K., Hayden, P., Touchette, D., and Wilde, M. M. Trade-off capacities of the quantum hadamard channels. Physical Review A, June 2010, v. 81, n. 6, p. 062312.
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[5] Avis, D., Hayden, P., and Wilde, M. M. Leggett-Garg inequalities and the geometry of the cut polytope. Physical Review A, September 2010, p. 030102(R).
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[6] Wilde, M. M., and Hsieh, M.-H. Entanglement boosts quantum turbo codes. October 2010, p. 17. In Press.
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[7] Brun, T. A., Harrington, J., and Wilde, M. M. Localized closed timelike curves can perfectly distinguish quantum states. Physical Review Letters, May 2009, v. 102, p. 210402.
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