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Jerome Waldispuhl


Home Page:
Office: Trottier 3106
Phone: +1-514-398-5018
Fax: +1-514-398-3883

Research Description

Research Interests

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Selected Publications (click link in front of each publication to see bibtex in ASCII format)

[1] Waldispuhl, J., O'Donnell, C. W., Will, S., Devadas, S., Backofen, R., and Berger, B. Simultaneous alignment and folding of proteins. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Research in Computational Molecular Biology, June 2009, pp. 339-355.
[2] Waldispuhl, J., Devadas, S., Berger, B., and Clote, P. Efficient algorithms for probing the rna mutation landscape. PLoS Computational Biology, 2008.
[3] Waldispuhl, J., Berger, B., Clote, P., and Steyaert, J.-M. Predicting transmembrane β-barrels and inter-strand residue interactions from sequence. PROTEINS: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics, 2006, pp. 61-74.
[4] Waldispuhl, J., Behzadi, B., and Steyaert, J.-M. An approximate matching algorithm for finding (sub-)optimal sequences in s-attributed grammars. In Proceedings of the 1st European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB 2002), 2002, pp. 250-259.

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