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Denis Thérien


Email: denis AT cs DOT mcgill DOT ca
Home Page:
Office: MC309
Phone: +1-514-398-7073
Fax: +1-514-398-3883

Research Description

Prof. Thérien's research interests lie in the application of algebraic and logical ideas to understand the activity of computing. For example, profound and surprising relationships have been found to exist between the algebraic classification of finite monoids and the combinatorial structure of the complexity class NC1, consisting of problems solvable in logarithmic parallel time. These results have been extended to several other settings, for example using non-associative algebras. Other areas of interest include temporal logic, computational learning theory, neural networks and cellular automata.

Research Interests

Research Labs


Selected Publications (click link in front of each publication to see bibtex in ASCII format)

[1] Klíma, O., Tesson, P., and Thérien, D. Dichotomies in the complexity of solving systems of equations over finite semigroups. Theory of Computing Systems, April 2008, v. 40, n. 3, pp. 263-297.
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[2] Chattopadhyay, A., Krebs, A., Koucký, M., Szegedy, M., Tesson, P., and Thérien, D. Languages with bounded multiparty communication complexity. In STACS 2007, Berlin / Heidelberg. Springer, 2007, v. 4393/2007 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 500-511.
[ http ]
[3] Tesson, P., and Therien, D. Logic meets algebra: the case of regular languages. 2007. Journal reference: LMCS 3 (1:4) 2007.
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