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New SOCS website!

Who could have imagined even 2 months ago that we would be ready? It seems impossible, but it's true... The new SOCS website went live on Monday, December 5th 2005!

The website could not have been completed without the help of many devoted professors, students and outside helpers. The main players were:

  • Jean-Bernard Ng Man Sun, Website look and feel, email:
  • Owen Egan, photographs used in the headers
  • Krys Dudek, initial plone setup and configuration
  • Ekwa Duala-Ekoko, detailed plone configuration and customization
  • Ximeng (Simon) Sun, integration with MySQL
  • Kaleigh Smith, requirements document and interviewing of students, professors and staff
  • Andrew Pak, contents of the about section
  • Jörg Kienzle, planning, content creation and supervision

Some parts of the website are still under construction. If you have any positive suggestions, or if you find broken links or inconsistencies, please contact