LORIS summer of code

April 24, 2015, 4 p.m. - Dec. 31, 9999, 11:59 p.m.

527 avenue des Pins Ouest

The nature of your involvement would be up to you; you can work on a project of your choosing, and we only ask for as much time as you are willing to invest. We will maintain a flexible schedule at our office for supporting your efforts.

Introduction During the first week, come hang out at our office and get oriented to the LORIS code- base, see how the software works, and get an idea of what area you would be interested in improving.

Getting Started Following your orientation, we will set you up with a mini project that suits your inter- ests. Our office will be open once a week if you want to check in and get help from the developers.

Your Own Project Once you’ve got a handle on LORIS, come up with your own project (we can help if you need ideas) and discuss its implementation with our developers. Work on it during your spare time, and continue coming by the office to check in and get help.

Wrapping Up When you’re ready, get a final review of your code and present your project to the team.



  • Databases Improve our exisiting MySQL and CouchDB databases

  • Front-end framework Create interactive user experiences with a front-end framework

  • Neuroimaging data handling Specialized transfer, processing and visualization techniques

  • WebGL for 3D brain visualization

  • Automated testing Write unit & integration tests

  • Data visualization Create interactive data summary and tracking charts with D3.js


  • loris.ca Work on responsive web design & inter-active features

  • and many more

  • Contribute to a local open-source project If you find contributing to big open-source projects intimidating, this is a good place to start.

  • Advance your programming skills Program outside the classroom, and experience working with the components that make up our stack.

  • Mentorship from our development team Pair up with a LORIS developer throughout the summer. They will help you with code improvements and implementation decisions.

  • Professional experience See what it’s like to participate in an ongoing professional project, get your code reviewed, and use GitHub to manage a codebase.

  • Ping pong/cool science/fun Make new friends and have fun with us!


Email: info-loris.mni@mcgill.ca