Daily Backups

Our file server does nightly backups of your home directories. Those who need a file restored need simply send a request to help@cs.mcgill.ca


Backups for MCB laptop users

To backup your laptop please follow the following steps.

  • Confirm with systems staff that you have a /home/mcb/user directory.
  • Create a ssh key on your laptop (you can choose whether to have a passphrase or not)
ssh-keygen -t rsa
  • Add the newly generated key to your authorized_keys file on linux.cs.mcgill.ca (or any other cs machine)
scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub username@linux.cs.mcgill.ca:.ssh/laptop-key.pub
ssh linux.cs.mcgill.ca
cd .ssh
cat laptop-key.pub >> authorized_keys
  • Create your LAPTOP-BACKUP directory
ssh linux.cs.mcgill.ca
  • Decide which directory tree you would like to backup, or create a new one for backup purposes
mkdir ~/Research
  • Craft a rsync backup script
# backup contents of ~/Research to /home/mcb/username/LAPTOP-BACKUP
rsync -a --delete-after ~/Research/ username@linux.cs.mcgill.ca:LAPTOP-BACKUP/