To reset your passwod go to

Passwords are synchronized between Unix, Windows, and Mail. All passwords must be at least 8 characters long, and must contain at least one character from three of the following character sets:

  • lower case letter
  • upper case letter
  • number
  • symbol
  • Not a dictionary word


If you know your current password...

The first step is to log into mimi. (You can also use our servers willy and skinner for this)


Before going to the second step you can verify if your password is complex enough. Use single quotes around your password, to avoid shell interpretation.

checkpasswd your_new_password

If your password is good enough, use passwd to set it:


Anyone who has a username greater than 8 characters must pass his/her username to the command as an argument.

passwd your_username

If you don't know your current password...

you need to reset it here:

Those who still have problems please come to the CS Help Desk in McConnell 209N with your McGill ID card and the systems staff will reset your password.