Accounts of graduated students are closed on September 10th of each year.

This date provides graduated students time to determine whether they will be returning to the School of Computer Science to continue studies. If you do return please verify that your account will not be archived.


Notification takes place about a month or more prior to account archival. It happens in two forms:

  • Your account will be locked (with an advisory message)
  • An email notfication will be sent to your CS account

Once you become aware that your account is locked, you will have to request for it to be unlocked. Both the advisory message (when you attempt to log into your shell account), and the email notification will clearly state the email address that you should send the request to.

Your account will be unlocked for a short period of time to allow you to backup any of the data you want to keep. Of course, you can be proactive and backup your data prior to the month before your account is due to be closed.

The notification will also make you aware of an e-mail forwarding option. Please check below for more details.

E-mail Forwarding

Both forms of notification (see above) will make you aware that we provide you with an e-mail forwarding mechanism that forwards incomming e-mail to another address of your choice.

To activate this feature, visit: http://myaccount.cs.mcgill.ca/. You can change your e-mail forwarding address anytime thereafter.

Please note that if you do not activate this feature before your account has expired, you will lose your e-mail address permanently.


Before archival takes place, you will be notified. Please see above for details about notification.

When your account is archived, it is completely removed, including your email, webspace, and home directory, along with any other accounts such as a windows account, or database account.


Returning students may have their archived accounts restored upon request. This means that if your account has been closed and archived, and you are returning to SOCS to study you will still have to create a new account, but you can request to also have your old account restored. At that point your old account will be restored and placed within a subdirectory of your new account.