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Welcome to Women@SOCS

Welcome! Bienvenue! Get to to know some of our women undergraduate and graduate students as well as our recent and not so recent graduates from the School of Computer Science at McGill.

  • Fatima Ahmad became a lawyer after completing an undergraduate degree in computer science at McGill. She is a project coordinator at a non-governmental organization dedicated to educating the public about the law.
  • Sabrina Chantrelle: Sabrina came to the School of Computer Science at McGill as an exchange student from the INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquees) at Rouen in France in 2004/2005. Here is what she had to say about McGill:

    "I finished my university education abroad with an exchange at McGill University, where the level of schooling is regarded as world class. I choose this University because the program offered in Computer Science and Mathematics was exactly what I was looking for and made a great supplement to my previous training. On top of that, all the courses are taught in English which strengthens the value of my education in the international setting.
    The way of teaching is completely different from what I have experienced in France. However, I really enjoyed the closer relationship with professors as well as with teaching assistants. I also had the opportunity to do a research project in the department of Computer Science supervised by Prof. B. Pientka on a cutting edge subject. I must say that I learned a great deal, not only in the field of Computer Science but also about social contacts thanks to oral presentations and regular meetings with my supervisor.
    This year in Montreal enabled me to discover a new culture as well as a different way of life. At McGill, every day we have the opportunity to meet people from everywhere in the world and this is very exciting and rewarding. "

  • Josee Desharnais: Josee earned a PhD in Computer Science at McGill. She is now a professor in Computer Science at the Univesite de Laval.
  • Vida Dujmovic: Vida earned her PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of Sue Whitesides. Her research intersts are theoretical computer science (algorithms). She was awarded the D. W. Ambridge Prize for outstanding Phd graduate in Science and Engineering at McGill University in 2004 and won the NSERC Doctoral prize for the best PhD thesis and research in Canada in 2005. She holds currently a postdoctoral fellowship from NSERC and spends her time between Carleton University and McGill University. She enjoys playing tennis.
  • Bohdana Ratitch: Bohdana graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from McGill in 2005. After her PhD, she worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Concordia University for the bioinformatics "FungalWeb" project.
  • Miriam Zia did an undergraduate major in computer science at McGill combined with a minor concentration in Hispanic Languages. She is currently an M.Sc. candidate in computer science at McGill.