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Professor Godfried Toussaint

Professor Emeritus, Godfried Toussaint is a computer scientist at the School of Computer Science and a researcher in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology in the Schulich School of Music. He is an expert in computational geomentry and has interests in instance-based learning, music information retrieval, computational music theory, and aspects of geometric textile pattern design. In 2001 he received the David Thomson Award for excellence in graduate supervision and teaching at McGill University.

Alan Emtage BSc '87, MSc '91

Alan Emtage developed the world's first search engine in 1990 at McGill University. His program, named "Archie", eventually evolved into the search engines we use on the internet today. Mr. Emtage lectures and speaks at conferences around the world on such topics as Internet information systems and the impact of the Internet on society. He has had interviews with the Wall Street Journal and appears in the critically acclaimed PBS series "Life on the Internet."