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2013/10/09, MC103, 12 - 12:30

Adaptive Parameter EXploration (APEX): Adaptation of Robot Autonomy from Human Participation
Anqi Xu , McGill CIM

Area: Robotics


The problem of Adaptation from Participation (AfP) aims to improve the efficiency of a human-robot team, by adapting the robot’s autonomous behaviors based on input from the human collaborator. We propose a solution, namely the Adaptive Parameter EXploration (APEX) algorithm, that learns from the operator’s intervening commands and dynamically adjusts system parameters of the robot autonomy. We explore this approach within the context of visual navigation, where the human-robot team is tasked to cover and patrol different types of terrain boundaries, such as coastlines and roads. We present empirical evaluations of the APEX solution to AfP, deployed on both an aerial robot within a controlled environment, and a wheeled autonomous vehicle operating within a challenging university campus setting.

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